Private investigator Charlotte, Monroe & Matthews, NC

Do You Need to Check the Facts?

Hire a private investigator to take a closer look at workers' comp claims

Do you suspect your employees of filing fraudulent workers' compensation claims? We'll look into the situation for you. Our team will gather all the information you need so you can build a solid case.

Doug Broome Investigative Group has been conducting workers' compensation and insurance fraud investigations for 28 years. Our reports are well-written, and our surveillance video is recorded with high-quality equipment to ensure clarity and precision. We focus on obtaining the best surveillance video we possibly can, so the claim can be settled fairly for our clients.

We provide our investigative services to all of North Carolina and South Carolina, and we're licensed in both states.

We'll help you keep your employees accountable

Are your employees not returning to work following a suspicious workers' comp claim? If something doesn't feel right to you, we can help. Hire Doug Broome Investigative Group to conduct an investigation for you. Our investigators will:

  • Monitor the individual's movements when they're not at work
  • Maintain detailed and accurate records of their activities
  • Testify in court if necessary

Don't you want to know the truth? Contact us today for reliable workman's comp investigations in your area.