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Doug Broome Investigative Group in Charlotte, Monroe & Matthews, NC does more than get answers to domestic questions and criminal investigations. We also provide surveillance, real-time GPS tracking and elective protection services. Do you want a vehicle GPS tracked? Do you need to know the truth of where someone is and what they're doing? Do you feel that having a body guard will help ensure your personal safety and well-being? Call Doug Broome Investigative Group today for these invaluable services. We are proud to help our neighbors and friends in Monroe, NC and the surrounding areas get the information they deserve and to feel safe at all times.

We provide professional and accurate tracking and surveillance services. We know the area and we know people - with our experience, we're able to discreetly track and survey anyone you have a question about. You need proof, but you also deserve peace of mind. Call Doug Broome today at 704-361-1405 for professional investigative services. We are proud to have successfully helped clients find out what they need to know for over two decades.

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