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Domestic Investigation

Domestic Investigation

Surveillance & Tracking

Surveillance & Tracking

Executive Protection/Bodyguards

Executive Protection/Bodyguards

Do you have suspicions or need more information about something?

Doug Broome is a discreet, skillful investigator

You deserve to know the truth. If you have a feeling that something is amiss or you're not being told the whole story - partner with Doug Broome Investigative Group to get the answers you need. Whenever you want additional, hard-to-get information in the Monroe, Charlotte & Matthews NC, areas, rely on the experience and determination of Doug Broome Investigative Group.

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Doug Broome Investigative Group is a trusted, professional investigative company that has been serving the Union, Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas for over 24 years. We specialize in domestic investigations, child custody investigations, insurance fraud investigations, criminal investigations, vehicle GPS tracking, background investigations, missing person investigations and executive protection investigations.

We are experts at one thing: finding the answers that our Charlotte, NC and local clients are looking for as quickly as possible for the least amount of money.

Our Charlotte, NC investigators come from military, fire department and law enforcement personnel who have numerous skills in finding the answers. Doug has a very close relationship with the most prominent attorneys in Monroe, Charlotte, Matthews and surrounding areas.

Do you have questions about your partner?

Doug Broome Investigative Group can help get you answers

Does your significant other come home, act cold or doesn’t want much to do with you, when years ago he or she couldn’t keep their hands off of you? Does he or she keep their cell phone on them at all times and not let you get near it? Has he or she lost weight but doesn’t seem to be happy around the home? Is he or she spending more time with friends at bars? These are just a few signs that something isn’t quite right and perhaps a domestic investigation is in order.

You don't commit to someone thinking you'll ever have to hire a Private Investigator for a domestic investigation. But sometimes situations arise that raise your eyebrows and questions. Don't search for answers alone. Doug Broome Investigative Group understands the sensitive nature of these scenarios and handles each case with the utmost care, professionalism and discretion.

Call today for professional marriage investigative services relating to marital infidelity in Monroe, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Has a criminal case not turned out how you hoped?

Don't be a victim twice, hire Doug for justice

In addition to investigating domestic cases in Charlotte ,NC and the surrounding areas, Doug Broome Investigative Group partners with law enforcement and individuals to conduct independent criminal investigations. Of course, local police officers and detectives are the most qualified professionals to conduct criminal investigations. It is true, however, that sometimes police investigations miss something. If you have been involved in a criminal case in Charlotte, NC; Monroe, NC; Matthews, NC or the surrounding areas and want the input of another set of skilled eyes and ears, call Doug Broome Investigative Group today at 704-361-1405.

Surveillance, GPS tracking and executive protection services

Doug Broome Investigative Group in North Carolina does more than get answers to domestic questions and criminal investigations. We also provide surveillance, real-time GPS tracking and executive protection services in Charlotte, NC and nearby areas. Do you want a vehicle GPS tracked? Do you need to know the truth of where someone is and what they're doing? Do you feel that having a body guard will help ensure your personal safety and well-being? Call Doug Broome Investigative Group, serving Charlotte, NC, today for these invaluable services. We are proud to help our neighbors and friends in Monroe, Charlotte, Matthews, NC and the surrounding areas get the information they deserve and feel safe at all times.

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